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CASC EXAM STATIONS - 10 September 2015

Discussion in 'CASC - STATIONS BY EXAM DATES [LATEST]' started by Johnson, Dec 2, 2015.

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  1. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    10 Sep 2015
    1. child OD and speak to consultant
    2. First episode psychosis and speak to mom trying to explain both medical and non medical rx
    3. Speak to son, father confused with pyrexia, next station speak to student nurse.
    4. Footballer telling spectators shouting “racist” comments and speak to his father about his son ( footballer) not happy as his son was not treated for 9 months and now he is sectioned.

    1. Lower neurological examination
    2. what psychodynamic process – patient freezes at work ( suspicious of wife having an affair)
    3. Pt wandering at 6am ( task – extend of risks )
    4. Asked to come by his wife as husband alcohol depenedent ( assess the extent of problem)
    5. In the ward, a patient is distressed, (task - assess or elicit psychopathology)
    6. Patient with severe LD, biting and head banging ( ? assess but he/she had sx of depression)
    7. wandering and confused – do a cognitive exam
    8. ECG and Qtc 600ms discuss on Quetiapine for Schizophrenia
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