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CASC EXAM STATIONS - 19-22 January 2016

Discussion in 'CASC - STATIONS BY EXAM DATES [LATEST]' started by Johnson, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    19 January 2016
    This website will try to give only the main scenarios. Giving too much details might mislead candidates. All stations are/will be discussed in the their respective threads under "casc- general stations".Worth having a look, click on the links.
    Any update would be in green
    Paired stations:
    1. 15 years old od 80 paracetamols + ? raped + discussion with pediatric nurse who is mostly concerned of step dad being aggressive and asking if we should do debriefing
    2. 1st episode psychosis MSE + discuss with mother about diagnosis and management esp. non-medical
    3. Capacity for care package + discussion with son
    4. Postnatal psychosis (possessed baby) + discussion with husband

    1 Suitability for IPT
    2 Male, staffs concerned about his memory ??Korsakoff dementia
    3 OCD offered meds explain
    4 CVS physical - look for signs of vascular dementia
    5 alcohol hx - Extent of alcohol use [repeated]
    6 Polish guy, collasped, UDS shows gamma butyryl ???, taking gbh everyday assess impact ? new [CLICK]
    7 Severe LD + autism with self biting find out aetiology
    8. Male c/o eyes wide apart - assess psychopathology
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  2. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    20 January 2016
    1.Postnatal psychosis ( pt withdrawn not giving much clues)
    2. Panic dis without agoraphobia ( chest pain & palpitations)
    3. Sexual s/e on Fluoxetine
    4. behaviour changes in dementia - explore

    Single :
    1. ipt - assess suitability
    2. Mania with florid psychosis (religious delusions) [open mind]
    3. Psychotic history of ASD [autistic spectrum disorder] - assess reason for behaviour change
    4. Poly drug abuse - take history and impact
    5. Violent risk assessment in psychosis (schizophrenia)
    6. Depot information giving
    7. Alcohol( korsakoff) - assess MSE and cognition
    8. Lady with nihilistic delusions- assess whether its primary or secondary and assess risk
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  3. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    21 January 2016
    1. Patient presenting with sudden onset of blindness in left eye and "diplopia" after attending his father's funeral. Speak to mother [tricky, worth reading under -click conversion disorder] [worth checking optic nerve examination under- click Cranial Nerves Examination [ diplopia] [ the cubicle was big with Snellen's chart so think of 6m]
    2. Speak to mother about her son's behaviour and other changes , next station do relevant examination and cognition [frontal lobe examination] [ think of both frontal examination and MMSE - because when I started asking MMSE, I presume the examiner marked it]
    3. Fallen, hip fracture in ortho unit. After 3 days , staffs concerned and speak to ortho staff
    4. Sexual s/e on Fluoxetine and speak to wife

    Single :
    1. Speak to mother as GP want to r/o dementia with her son with LD [think of timeline and common things first] [click here]
    2. Assess suicidal risks
    3. Mania with florid psychosis [religious delusions]
    4. Patient want to give up using drug
    5. Mother wants to take her child home and not happy him being started on Clozapine[click - angry parent.... ]
    6. Recurrent depression [click treatment resistant depression]
    7. Risk assessment - elderly mother living alone, speak to daughter [CLICK]
    8. Explain agoraphobia and desensitization
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  4. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    22 January 2016
    I have this feeling the stations can be repeated if difficult [ if a colleague says some stations were difficult the previous day- this could be because many would have failed those stations - just a crude inference]
    1. Morbid jealousy and speak to wife
    2. Indecent exposure - elderly and speak to wife
    3. Speak to mother , next station do relevant examination [repeat - frontal lobe examination]
    4. ADHD - first speak to mother and next speak to father

    Single :
    1. PTSD
    2. Assess suicidal risks [ any self harm - don't forget to ask about mood/psychosis]
    3. Florid psychosis [with religious delusions] [try to differentiate psychotic depression/mixed or bipolar/delusional disorder- ? shared /Schizoaffective /schizophrenia - If someone says ALFA-OMEGA- BETA[kidding about beta] stuffs, don't think about only grandiose delusions]
    4. Florid psychosis [Try to master MSE and psychopathology] [ GP and 666/999 ......]
    5. Mother wants to take her child home and not happy him being started on Clozapine [click - angry parent.... ] [ I think lots of scenarios with a connection between angry parent and Schizophrenia]
    6. Recurrent depression [click treatment resistant depression]
    7. ECG with prolong QTc and other significant ECG changes [will provide a good link to know about ECG]
    8. Patient wants end therapy, most likely psychodynamic psychotherapy
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