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CASC EXAM STATIONS - 20-23 January 2015

Discussion in 'CASC - STATIONS BY EXAM DATES [LATEST]' started by Johnson, Jan 20, 2016.

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  1. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    Paired stations
    1)Vascular dementia history and talking to wife
    MMSE 24/30
    2) recurrent depression 65yr old managed with many medications, take medication history only. He's now on Lithium and Mirtazapine well for past 2 yrs
    Talk to wife - she will ask you why not stopping them since he's well for past 2 yrs
    3) psychopathology of a man with PH of Schzopgtenia, incident on the ward - threw a cup of coffee at another patient now asking to leave, you are the duty doc. Stated not to do a risk assessment.
    Talk to student nurse to explain Dx, Mx of his condition
    4) ADHD speak to 17 yr old who plays hockey and requesting medical exemption certificate.
    Speak to coach - who was just horrible

    Single stations
    1) Lower limb exam
    2) Erotomania
    3) Psychodynamic therapy for 10 months now wants to stop
    4) Alzheimer's medication explain to daughter
    5) Psychopathology - delusions of persecution
    Step brother trying to steal his science work and brainwash him
    6) Frontal lobe tests
    7) Explain anorexia to mum
    8) Hx in anxiety disorder
  2. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    21 January 2015
    Delirium tremens or acute confusional state. MSE
    Then Talk to nurse
    Post MI assess capacity
    Then talk to daughter about care package and capacity assessment
    Assault on ward. Assess
    Discuss with student nurse
    Severe depression and mute and not eating or drinking. Hx from mother
    Then talk to student nurse

    Single stations
    OCD explain CBT
    Thyroid exam
    Discuss antidementia drugs
    Delusion explorer nature, content and pry and secondary delusion
    Cognitive exam in vascular dementia
    Schizophrenia in student explain what it is, tx and prognosis
    Mild LD with Down syndrome and progressive dementia discuss with mother.
  3. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    22 January 2015
    1 cognition distortion and speak to manager
    2. Treat resistant schizophrenia , speak to nurse and the to patients father
    3. Depressive stupor , speak to mother and nurse student mainly ECT
    4. Farmer 70 years with manic episode , speak to son

    1.LD to start medication show pictures
    2. PTSD
    3.Indecent exposure
    4.primary and secondary delusion
    5. Explain schizophrenia , concerned mother
    6. OCD and psychopathology
    7. Alcohol and collapse. Do Mse , mainly congnition
    8. Husband alcohol problem, wife not happy
  4. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    23 January 2015
    Cognitive Distortions - footballer and Manager
    Teenage serious o/d assess and give plan to Consultant
    Conversion Disorder weak arm and leg assess and talk to husband
    Pregnant female on Methadone and talk to partner re risks. I did really badly on the female assessment with difficult actress not saying much

    Schizo relapse on ward. This was a difficult station with unclear instructions
    PTSD assess
    Aspergers in adult assess and diagnose
    Arson teenage girl assess risks and MH issues
    Erectile dysfunction on Fluoxetine
    Alcoholic with memory problems
    Explain Lithium to young female with recurrent mania and depression
    Hyperprolactinaemia assess and explain!
    No Dementia.
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