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CASC EXAM STATIONS - 6-9 September 2016

Discussion in 'CASC - STATIONS BY EXAM DATES [LATEST]' started by Johnson, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    6 September [any posting on this thread will be removed, please discuss on the thread - casc - general stations [click here]
    Any update would be in green
    Only passed stations would be discussed under the thread -
    [ all the stations were forwarded to me, might differ, majority are repeat stations, perhaps with a tweak ]
    My intentions are pure - i think the college will increase the standard or benchmark to pass, in my view this can only improve patient care...;)


    1. Peads OD + speak to nurse [think of psychosis, command hallucinations etc... - perhaps asking to transfer back to psychiatric ward]
    2.Capacity assessment + speak to family
    3.Agoraphobia + explain management to husband [ worth reading http://patient.info/health/agoraphobia-leaflet ] + consider to rule out other anxiety related conditions
    4. Depressive Stupor + explain management to nurse [good reference about management in Maudsley prescribing Guidelines 12e page 105-109]
    worth the buy -available in amazon same day delivery

    1. Angry mother with son with schizophrenia ... [ repeat - my colleague who passed the station told me to consider telling the mother to get her son's views and arrange a professional meeting ]
    2. History taking GBL [Maudsley prescribing Guidelines 12e p 467-69 ]
    3. Cognitive and physical examination [ not sure whether its a cognitive examination but to a relevant vascular cognitive examination ]
    4. Alcoholic hallucinosis history
    5. Serotonergic syndrome [Maudsley prescribing Guidelines 12e p 297]
    6. Erotomania [ in 7 min, possible task to do a risk assessment}
    7. cognitive exam after wandering [I did MMSE to the word and failed - worth considering more - also forgot to ask FOR SENSORY DEFICITS] [worth reading Maudsley handbook of practical psychiatry 6e p 69-73] https://www.amazon.co.uk/Maudsley-H...1473199220&sr=8-1&keywords=maudsley+practical
    8. Depot antipsychotics
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  2. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    7 September


    1.A gentleman with recurrent depression on mirtazapine and lithium and talk to his wife [
    2.A man exposed himself in the garden and talk to his wife [ perhaps listening skills and reassuring his wife .... from a colleague who passed this station but keep an open mind as any stations an be tweaked]
    3.A lady with a severe anxiety and talk to her husband [ ? new]
    4.A teacher took an OD and talk to a friend [ ? new ]

    1.cognitive examination- old man found wandering by police and brought to ED. ED doctor requested you to do cognitive exam.
    2. LD changed behaviour: Talk to mother to obtain history about the behaviour his son who has severe LD and Austisctic features (this was mentioned in the stem). Establish causative factors.
    3. Clozapine explanation to patient. Straight forward. Patient admitted with 3rd psychotic episode, tried on 4 different antipsychotic. Now you want to commence clozapine.
    4. 16 yr old with Anorexia -explanation to mother
    5. Explore psychopathology - delusions (Patient sent by GP- saying that he was delusional about bar codes- no symptoms of OCD. Believes that bar codes are devils sign and GP wanted to replace his blood with devil's).
    6.Alcoholic hallucinosis: Pub chef, heavy drinker for years, brought by wife when he started hearing his neighbour talking and freaked out. [could be hallucinosis or DT - duration matters]
    7. Risk of violence assessment- Paranoid schiz, non compliant, with delusional jealously, command hallucinations, alcohol abuse, hx of assault .
    8. Last is PTSD
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  3. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    8 Sep
    [see useful tips on CASC - GENERAL DISCUSSION- CASC - exam advice, tips thread dated 4.10.16]
    If you are sticking to the task- can finish on time

    1. Teacher OD and speak to friend - [both pass]
    2. Footballer hearing racist comments( consider first rank symptoms and follow his cues ( very very important) when someone says "protected" - explore [ this could be applied to all and every stations - its a skill we all should consider to develop ]
    speak to angry father [ 1 passed , speaking to father failed]
    3. Speak to carer and to his son ( olanzapine stuff )( consider to ask about family visits and patient was a retired farmer- cues in the instruction) [both pass] [CLICK]
    4 Methadone and pregnant and speak to partner [both pass] [CLICK]

    1. Suitability for IPT [failed] [CLICK]
    2. Cognition examination for vascular dementia ( here please read the instructions very very carefully as cognitive examination depends , say for example aggression and inappropriate behaviours - think of frontal lobe due to personality change, likewise turning left instead of right side of the road- possible parietal lobe examination, this was a tricky station , also consider to incorporate MMSE ) [ as previous TIA can affect any part of the brain and symptoms and signs might correlate to the affected lobe ] [failed]
    3. Risk assessment for suicidal attempt, patient with severe depression [failed]
    4. Explain anorexia [worth reading on Croydon test case for non capaciting patient] [passed] [CLICK]
    5. Bonfire in the back garden primary or secondary delusion [passed] [CLICK]
    6. Alcoholic in A&E, do mental state examination [task is MSE not diagnosis, stick to the task, my friend was able to finish all stations before time and did not know what to do :eek: - started to summarise:rolleyes: ] [ thinking of DT/alcholic hallucinosis might mislead] [ he asked about tactile and visual - snakes crawling etc... but forgot to ask "how big the snake" - lilliputian....:mad:] [failed]
    7. Risk assessment of paedophile [passed] [CLICK]
    8. Explain clozapine [consider to read a bit around clozapine and pregnancy] [passed] [ CLICK]
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  4. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    9 Sep
    As mentioned two stations from 3 stations have repeated - two of them were tricky where many on 8th might have failed.

    1.Footballers psychosis and discuss with father [ even though linked not paired]
    2.Assault on ward and discuss
    3.Delirium tremens and discuss management
    4.MCI and discuss Management with husband

    2.Family therapy in schizophrenia [CLICK]
    3.Pregnant women on valproate.. Requesting alternate options Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry 12e page 197-202
    4. Explain blood procedure to LD
    5. Thyroid examination
    6. Wandering
    7. Cognitive examination( i dont knwo what it was .. The task mentioned about vascular symtooms and risk factors and also there was some thing about right/left) and did parietal plus little bit of mmse (orientation and memory) [ my friend passed this station]
    8. Religious delusion
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