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CASC Exam stations January 16-19 2018

Discussion in 'CASC - STATIONS BY EXAM DATES [LATEST]' started by Johnson, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    16 January 2018 casc stations
    NEW format

    1. Anorexia re feeding syndrome explain + management [CLICK] [ I was told there is new guidelines on re-feeding syndrome]
    2. Anti dementia medication, explain [CLICK]
    3. ECG QTc prolongation[CLICK]
    4. Bipolar relapse discuss management - Stick to nice guidelines /Maudsley
    5. Psychotic episode discuss management with nurse - NEW station - forensic station
    6. Dementia history from wife to identify reasons
    7. Aspergers and schizophrenia explore reasons
    8. Psychotherapy transference [CLICK] - tricky

    1. Mania
    2. Frontal lobe + other lobes [CLICK]
    3. Cranial nerves : trigeminal, facial , vestibulocochlear [CLICK]
    4. Psychotic depression bonfire
    5. Barcode psychopathology
    6. Overdose teenager future risk [ think of perpetuating factors if task was specific on "future" risks and current mental state]
    7. Post partum OCD [CLICK] [if anyone else is involved - child and mental state not just OCD symptoms]
    8. PTSD assess working diagnosis [CLICK]
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  2. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    17 January 2018
    So in new format - I
    ts nothing but all have become 7 min. Most past PM stations as now asked in the mornings. So its nothing more than 16 single stations with bit of extra time in the mornings.
    1. Body dysmorphia
    2. Hypochondriasis
    3. ECT
    4. Lewy Body
    5. Refeeding syndrome
    6. LD abuse and epilepsy
    7. ECG Qtc 535
    8. Transference reaction

    1. Parietal lobe examination
    2. Postman psychosis - MSE
    3. Akathesia - hx and exam
    4. Hyperprolactaemia - hx
    5. Financial capacity
    6. Overdose - risk assessment
    7. Lady wants to burns body - risk assessment [ on 16 Jan task is tweaked]
    8. Violent risk assessment [future risks] read task very well
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  3. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    18 January 2018
    My understanding is that 6 management stations and one history and one examination station in the mornings.

    1. Agoraphobia and desensitization [ perhaps explain desensitization]
    2. ECT [ management] repeating - might not be a straight forward one !!!
    3. Exposure to children plus depression/grief [ mostly likely indecent exposure]
    4. Counselling about genetic risk of Alzheimer's dementia.
    5. Body dysmorphic disorder - history taking
    6. Management of dissociative stupor
    7. Son with LD and partner pregnant - angry mother [ might be about sterilisation - College can't think of anything else. However this is not about any different scenarios, this is more about communication skills dealing with an angry relatives]
    8. NMS/?serotonin syndrome. Reaction to Olanzapine.

    1. Lower limb examination
    2. Mmse [not sure if its MMSE, as its copyrighted, but we do them and reading the info carefully might gives us cues - ? vascular and which lobe is affected ]

    3. Psychotic depression - history
    4. Alcohol history - history/impact
    5. Post man psychosis [favourite in Jan CASC, many might have failing this station hence repeating]
    6. Hyperprolatcinoma - explanation and management
    7. Leave for a patient - risk assessment
    8. MSE injection cancer(only speculating perhaps primary delusion as patient might have an injection and thinking about cancer, or health anxiety, however the task is MSE)
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  4. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    19 January 2018
    1. Systematic desensitization
    2. MSE normal
    3. Alzheimer's dementia - genetic counselling inheritance
    3. Etiololgy of Schizophrenia

    4. Opiate hx
    5. Lithium in bipolar
    6. Capacity assessment in prisoner with neck lacerations[ It seems like Jan casc has been overseen by a forensic psychiatrist hence lots of prison related stations]
    8. Morbid jealousy talk to partner

    1- OD first time assess [ ? risk assessment ]
    2- Thyroid exam
    3- old age lady committed a crime
    4- Vascular dementia exam [ most likely cognitive]
    5- Lady with ptsd? panic?
    6- ADHD History
    7-MSE psychosis something weird will happen
    8- Wants leave from hospital under MHA[ probably risk assessment]
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