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Please read before posting here

Discussion in 'PHYSICAL HEALTH DISCUSSIONS - QUICK REFERENCE' started by Johnson, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Guest

    I am trainee psychiatrist - CT3.

    These forums are intended ONLY for psychiatrists as a reference source (not for the public).

    Medical knowledge and drug treatments constantly changing, so please anyone using these forums are advised to check the most current drug information and treatments available with the relevant authorities.

    The author/s assumes no liability to any injury caused to persons for simply following the contents in any of the forums in this website.

    My work is NOT copyrighted as far as its related to training.

    My aim is to share the acquired knowledge with rest of the trainee psychiatrists in other countries, as not everyone is privileged to have one of the best trainings in the world.

    Please do discuss and share your knowledge. This forum is only for professionals

    Any profession posting, please read GMC guidance


    Always try to maintain confidentiality and professionalism in accordance with GMC good practise and media use.

    Anything discussed is no means any form of advice alternative in seeing your doctor.
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